It all started when I tried to leave The Cleve.

It was mid-May. I was on here telling peoples not to go to a beer event that ended up being pretty cool. Oops.  So there was that. But I had incinerated the end of my wick; done with the city and scene that I had called home for most of my life.  There was just nothing left for me to burn to the ground with my fiery habit.  I was going to move on, dousing the flames still flickering at my campground.  I was going to Chicago to find Love and Career.

And then like a 1960s backyard rocket, things went I crashed into the ground. Hard. Hard enough to shatter my elbow in 3 places. Short sight saw nothing but disaster.  Surgery, a metal plate, 2 screws, a torn ligament, and 3 months of rehab later, I'm still in Cleveland, a happy little planet stuck in the grasp of an all-consuming Black Hole. I'm also crushed beyond Smitten and on a better career track. Funny, right?  Which means things worked out better than I had planned for, which is always how it is for shlubs like me, aight?

Which is much like my beverage of choice tonight. Shots of Devil's Cut bourbon, chased by the simplicity of an Oktoberfest brew. The spicy sweet bite balanced with malty tradition. On paper,it...doesn't work out.  Not really planned for, it's the lovechild of drinking what I currently have on hand.  But the two of them work together far beyond expectations.

Much like my time here this past Constructive Summer.  


@billablebarbie said...

i'm glad you're still here. :)

BloggingJason said...

Aw, thanks! I'm more than glad I'm still here too.

But when did somebody like you start reading drivel like this? ;)