Okay, real quick like.  Just a little, you know...


So right now I'm across the street, holding down Narm's fort at White-Collar Redneck while he does his best to reinforce the Stupid Lazy American stereotype while trying to invade Italy's underpants for a couple of weeks.  So go read it.  Because I'm basically Tommy Boy with a dinner roll.  So naughty.  And then remember to read it again when he gets back, because he's funnier and beardier than me.

Second piece of officialness is belatedly announcing the winner of my Obscenity Contest...which was Kelly and Jose.  But really, after using the term pussy snot in reference to my liver...I don't think I really had much of a choice.

(other than, you know, drinking away the pain of my disgusting liver tears...)


AmyPaints said...

I totally approve of you giving your honest opinion of this beer show thingy. I would do the same thing...I can't stomach fake excitement. There's too many Cleveland bloggers right now overly positive and excited about things they are not qualified to even have opinions about. It comes off as fake and that's just not very Clevelandy.