Sooooo... for the past week, I've been straight up aurally addicted to this band The Head and The Heart.  Like, specifically their song Down in the Valley.   Like, couldn't walk away if I had things At Stake. I walk around signing it.  I walk around hearing the lyrics rattle around in my head like a full can of bronze spray paint.  I mouth them, sing them whenever I think nobody is watching me. I...well here, just check it out for yourself:

So there.  That's it.   That's why I've been spellbound for the past, what...few days? Week? Going on a embarrassingly long amount of time?  I just can't shake it.

Because I want to be the Last Band Member. Number 5.  The Guy that's playing random percussion and Rocking Out.  Wait for the 3:45 mark.  Waaaaaaaiiiiit.  Yeah: That. Guy.  Because...

That's It.  That's what I want.  I have a Massive In Japan sized interest in music.  BUT.   I don't have a ton of musical talent.  Like everything in my life, I have a middling amount of passable ability.  Me= Dabble in Everything;  Master absolutely nothing.  And as far I get in music is having a non-Cat Being Raped voice and a decent sense of rhythm.  So to be that Guy in an up-and-coming rocket ship of a band? The Guy wearing cheap-ass Wayfarers from a truck stop, a Wife Beater, and shaking a couple of maracas.  Out on the road.  Riding a wave of notoriety and cash.  And Not Giving A Fuck™. 

Because you're That Guy.  You're not really tangibly valuable to the band.  You... Let's be honest: You don't add really anything to the musical experience.  At All.  You're...another face to feed out on the road.  You play the Shakers.   But.  BUT... You're awesome enough to be still out there.  You're worth comes from personality.  From proving yourself to be...a value add.  Better than money.  Cash Money.  Dolla Dolla Bill, Ya'll.  Better than Gold.  You're just a Good Guy to be around.  And you're worth more than you thought you'd be, and so you ride This. You ride how the music gets to you.  How It snaps your head back.  How It makes your body bob up and down, dancing in place.  How...It makes you a Fan again.

And that's what I want so bad.  That...feeling of being in Awe.  When I come to and notice that my jaw is hanging just that bit lower.  That things just got that much heavier.  That things got...that much better.  That's What I Want.

Besides- He has nice hair that I like.  So there's that too.


Anonymous said...

Find some musicians and begin.

AmyPaints said...

I also love this band! You need to check out Margot and the Nuclear So & So's. They don't seem that crazy when you listen, but when you see them live, they are all covered in body paint and insane! They also travel around in a psychedelic school bus. They also have a member who I would call "percussionist/friend they let on stage and shake some stuff". They're one of my favorite bands to see live, mostly due to this guy's excitement.