So I woke up this past Friday morning to find a few empty bottles from Stone Brewing lying about, an angry bitch Nature outside, and this sitting open on my desktop:

This Train never stopped. Maybe a pause in publishing. A station missed. Customers left on the platform; a break in broadcasting. Dead air. Perhaps unacceptable dead air for a supposedly live event. But the wheels were never at rest. The arms that connected them, churning. Pushing through. Pushing forward. Stretching further. Clawing for more. Oh, but there was that one town. The one where a Passenger got off the Train. But I sho..

How do you talk about something without talking about it, without addressing it directly. Code? Innuendo and overly complicated metaphors? Ones and Zeros playing a binary solo? By vomiting your tongue onto your plate? Almost everyone knows my/the topic at hand, yet my syncopated toes tell me that I shouldn't need to speak to it. And I...I won't. It's unfair for me to be even these 129 words deep into the monologue as I am. Things happen. They happen all the time- Be happy that they happened, not sad that they ended.

Aaaaaaaand that brings me to now. My own apartment, My own space. With, consequentially, not a lot of furniture. But a lot and adequate are not the same thing. I have what I need to live right here with me. More than I need. And it feels good.

I've passed some good scenery along the way these past few months. A great concert in The Go! Christmas by myself. New Years' with all kinds of great friends. Christmas Ale shenanigans. Beer Dinner at the Happy Dog. Bar Trivia, where doing a shot can get you more points than a correct answer. And now a show at the Beachland and the marathon sprint into the next month.

Oh, that Next Month, March. March has taken longer to get than you imagined, but is here before you know it. March is a brick on the accelerator pedal. March assumes that you've had a routine physical within the past year. March is a fresh clutch. March doesn't wait for you to turn & cough. March already knows how sick you are.

It's...ham-fisted and not even close to being up to snuff, but considering it's the first thing I've hammer'd out in 5 months (and the pie-eyed nature in which it was produced...), I'm going to let it pass onto the Information Superhighway with a warning, a firm lecture, and a Have a nice day.

Because greater than what the content itself is kinda that it is content.  Finally am I back to the point where I feel I can write mostly readable posts that only a few people will want to read anyway. If you're one of those said few, well, we return to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.


Joanna M said...

BJ -

Glad you are back.

Bridget Callahan said...

The March part, this is the best paragraph up there.